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Of all the things that can happen to an individual or key revenue producer of a business, becoming sick or hurt to the point you cannot work (whether chronic or acute) or dying prematurely can have a devastating financial impact on future goals and objectives. Our mission is to assist in placing the necessary coverage that will mitigate these risks moving forward.

Domenick Financial Services is an independent insurance broker.  With access to over 95 insurance companies, our process is to assess the client’s needs and then pair them to the appropriate product or solution, not the other way around. This is what sets us apart from other types of insurance professionals.

Areas of Specialty

Medical Professionals and Practices

Domenick Financial is a Preferred Insurance provider. Offering both financial and insurance services to medical professionals and practices.

Entrepreneurs, Executives, and Self-Employed Workers

Domenick Financial offers financial and insurance services to entrepreneurs and executives, as well as to the businesses they preside over.  Secure your financial future today.

6 Reasons to Choose Domenick Financial

Domenick Financial is an independent financial services provider, which means we are uniquely qualified to build your financial security. Here’s why:

Independent Professional

Domenick Financial offers insurance services from hundreds of providers. Our flexibility means better and more personalized coverage for you.

Education Focused

We are dedicated to an education-focused approach. We educate every client on the full suite of available insurance and benefit options available to them. Know the full scope of your coverage with Domenick Financial.

Personalized Plans

In the industry we are considered independent, meaning we do not only offer a limited set of options from one provider. We customize insurance options to your specific needs, rather than the other way around.

Undivided Attention

With us, you get personalized attention throughout the insurance selection process and after the plans are in force. We will spend the time to advocate on the your behalf to get the best underwriting offers. Additionally, we do not shuffle our policyholders to call centers for policy service related issues.

Industry Experience

With years of experience providing medical professionals and business owners/executives personalized financial protection solutions, you know you’re in good hands. Our goal at Domenick Financial is to provide a consultative approach based on the your needs.

You Come First

Independence means our clients needs come before any company or provider. Education, exploration, and customization are our core values – which means you always come first.

Estate and Retirement Planning

Let’s work together to see what type of solution would best protect your retirement and estate plan. We work with attorneys, accountants, and wealth managers to implement the best plan to protect your assets

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We Provide Full-Field Coverage

Build your financial resiliency with products and solutions through Domenick Financial. Protect yourself from unexpected financial disasters today while safeguarding your future independence.
Disability insurance

Disability Insurance

Nearly 1 in 4 young adults will become too sick or injured to work at some point in their career.  Protect your income and overall way of life through disability insurance.

Life Insurance

How would your dependents pay their expenses if you were not around?  Protect the ones you love with life insurance.
long term care costs

Long-Term Care Insurance Solutions

In 2018 the US annual median cost of long-term care ranged from $18,720 for adult day care services to $100,375 for a private room in a nursing home. Design your retirement savings to incorporate long-term care costs with Domenick Financial.

Group and Individual Health Insurance

For businesses or independent contractors who are concerned about providing health insurance solutions for themselves, their families, or employees, we can help.

*Limited availability depending on geographic location.

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