Independent Financial Services for Medical Professionals and Practices

Just as physicians operate as specialists within a network, Domenick Financial works closely with other advisors in a collaborative effort to provide the highest level of value for clients.

We are aligned with physician focused professionals who provide services such as accounting, contract reviews and negotiations, mortgage acquisition and home purchases, and investment management. We are a member of the MD Preferred Services association, which is a group of independent professionals who are uniquely qualified to work with medical professionals.

Why Choose Domenick Financial

Domenick Financial covers medical professionals and practices in a wide variety of industries and professions. Here is why you should choose us as your financial and insurance specialists.

Medical Professional Industry Specialist

We are a specialist in working with medical professionals. We have knowledge of all the carrier’s contract language and trainee and hospital specific discount programs. Whatever occupation, medical specialty, private practice or hospital you are affiliated with, you can be sure you will be aware of all your options.

Unbiased Solutions

You have individual financial and insurance needs. One company does not fit the needs of every client. Domenick Financial has access to all the top companies who have specialized contracts for medical professionals. Our process is to assess your options to see which contract makes the most sense for you based on your medical specialty, needs, and budget.

Disability insurance

Personal Approach

Want to add a new aspect to your custom plan? Or simply have a question? You’ll have a singular contact at Domenick Financial that is here to answer your questions and concerns. We care immensely about our client community and build a personal relationship with every individual.

Protect What Matters

Build your financial security through custom packages and services through Domenick Financial. With everything from spending plans to own-occupation disability insurance, Domenick Financial can help you protect what matters most to you and your family.

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