Domenick Financial's Preferred Medicare Partner

Colin Miller  |  Founding Member  |  Medicare Plan Partners, LLC

Medicare Plan Partners are independent Medicare consultants who genuinely care about eliminating the anxiety associated with healthcare planning and proudly offer a personalized, relationship-based approach to Medicare, complete with complimentary full-service Medicare Concierge support, to offer you total peace of mind.

Medicare Planning, Simplified

We Get It

Medicare Plan Partners understands how complex and overwhelming healthcare planning can be, not to mention the process of actually selecting and enrolling in Medicare plans. After all, you have undoubtedly been inundated with marketing materials from various insurance providers, which can be confusing, contradictory, and frankly, unsuited to your personal situation.

Plans that are Uniquely Yours

Here, there is no one-size-fits-all solution or auto-generated quote comparison, because your healthcare needs are unique to you, and your healthcare plan should be, too. You will not be sold to, solicited, or pressured into purchasing anything.

Simplify Your Medicare and Retirement Planning

Whether you are approaching Medicare eligibility or are over 65-years-young, retiring, and in need of Medicare coverage, Domenick Financial and Medicare Plan Partners is here to simplify the retirement healthcare planning process and provide unbiased, custom-tailored advice to optimize your golden years.

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