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Domenick Financial offers full-term life insurance through numerous life insurance providers including Ethos LifeCoverpath, and more. We believe in making life insurance accessible and understandable for everyone.


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Fast & Easy Placement

Place your life insurance coverage online and understand every aspect of your policy with Domenick Financial.

Unlimited Options

As an independent insurance broker, Domenick Financial can find the right policy for your needs across a multitude of insurers.

One on One Guidance

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Our Preferred Options

Ethos Life

Life Insurance Made Easy

Ethos life insurance is a completely digital life insurance experience with no medical exams or blood tests to get started. Same-day coverage is available from a variety of carriers, making Ethos Life the go-to life insurance provider for those looking to place coverage quickly.

No Medical Exams

100% online process means you can skip the visit to the doctor's office.

Affordable Policies

Ethos prides itself on finding coverage options that fit your budget.

A+ Rating From the BBB

The Better Business Bureau gives Ethos an A+ with no customer complaints.

Coverpath by MassMutual

Quality Life Insurance From a Trusted Provider

MassMutual has been providing life insurance to people across the country for decades, and now they’ve made it even easier to get coverage. Coverpath by MassMutual offers a completely online application process with expert guidance to place the right coverage for your needs.

100% Online Process

Similar to Ethos Life, Coverpath offers a 100% online application process.

Trusted Provider

MassMutual has provided life insurance for over a century. Their policies are trusted by thousands of people across the country.

Exceptional Customer Support

Have a question during your application process? Coverpath offers customer support at every stage of your application.

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We’ve gone in depth as to the benefits and drawbacks of each offering from Ethos and Coverpath. You can read the full article by clicking the link below.
Matt Domenick Founder

About Domenick Financial

At Domenick Financial Services, we specialize in providing wealth and income protection solutions for individuals and businesses.  Our focus is to work closely with clients and work in collaboration with other professionals to provide customized solutions for clients.

Domenick Financial Services is an independent insurance broker.  With no obligation to choose any one insurance company, we have the ability to source multiple options to find the right coverage for the client.  This is a fact that sets us apart from other types of insurance professionals.

Matthew Domenick is the president and founder of Domenick Financial Services.  Domenick Financial Services specializes in life insurance and disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and group, ancillary and supplemental benefits. The group’s focus is utilizing these types of insurance products as solutions to protect against the loss of income or other financial resources due to an unforeseen sickness, injury, or premature death.

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