Financial Protection Solutions Provided to

Medical Professionals and Practices

Independent financial protection solutions provided to medical professionals and practices. Services include plans and coverage options that support any medical professional whose occupation is related to direct patient care or procedures. Our clients include but are not limited to: medical residents, fellows, and attending physicians, physician assistants, and nurse practitioners.

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Business Owners and Executives

Domenick Financial specializes in providing independent financial protection products and solutions to entrepreneurs, executives, and self-employed individuals. Secure your income and wealth with personalized coverage plans and financial solutions from Domenick Financial.

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Disability Insurance

Secure your earnings by planning for the unforeseeable future with disability insurance. Never again should you worry about if some serious illness or accident strikes during your working years and causes you to have loss of income. With disability insurance you can continue to provide for yourself and family, while ensuring you can still make ends meet. The best financial plan in the world will only survive as long as your income does. Talk to us today to get more information about our disability plans.
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Life Insurance

As an independent insurance broker, Domenick Financial can find the right policy for your needs across a multitude of insurers. We offer all types of life insurance through many providers including non-medical and accelerated underwriting through Ethos LifeCoverpath, and more. We believe in making life insurance accessible and understandable for everyone.
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