Independent Financial Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Domenick Financial Services is an independent insurance broker.  With access to over 95 insurance companies, we have the ability to go into the market and find the solution most in line with the client’s goals and objectives.  This is a fact that sets us apart from other types of insurance professionals.

The issue that clients find when attempting to secure wealth and income protection insurance products such as life, disability, and long-term care insurance is they do not know or are not aware of all the options available.  Often times they are confronted by professionals who represent only one company.  In these cases they are not shown all the options available in order to make an informed decision.

Independent Financial and Insurance Services Personalized to your Needs

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Independent Financial Services

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Independent Insurance Solutions

Domenick Financial offers independent financial solutions that are custom tailored to your specific needs. With access to over 95 different insurance companies, Domenick FInancial educates its clients on the available solutions landscape. Each client receives a custom implementation of plans that are most in line with their goals and objectives.

We specialize in the following financial and insurance solutions:

Key Person Insurance

When a death or disability occurs, replacing a key person takes money and time. Key Person Life insurance offers a death benefit that can help cover financial losses that occur at the death of a key person. This helps assure continuity of the business for employees, customers and creditors.

Group Benefit Plans

Domenick Financial Services works with businesses to create custom group benefit plans to reward, recruit, and retain executives and employees. We specialize in working with businesses that have anywhere from 2-25 employees.

Buy-Out Solutions

Companies of all sizes have to contend with the unexpected crisis of losing a business partner or co-owner due to a long-term disability, critical illness, premature death, retirement and other events. To determine how the business will continue, it’s wise to have a Buy-Sell Agreement in place ahead of time.

Executive Benefits & Voluntary Plans

Executive Benefits address the retirement savings gap confronting most of today’s higher-earning executives, and are designed to help them achieve their individual goals. Voluntary Benefits are additional benefits or products that can be added to a worker’s benefit package and can be either core or ancillary in nature.

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