Disability Insurance Plans for Medical Professionals

Protect your ability to earn an income for yourself and your family.

Why Is Disability Insurance So Important?

Medical doctors earn a substantial amount of income over their careers. Income that is solely dependent on their ability to practice in their specialty.
Average lifetime compensation of a specialist who starts practicing in 2020
Average lifetime compensation of a PCP who starts practicing in 2020
of 20-Year-Olds Will Become Disabled Before They Retire
of Claims Are Caused by Illness Rather Than Injury

Why is Now the Time to Act?

Take advantage of less requirements to place coverage, lower costs, and trainee programs.

Why Choose Domenick Financial

Independent Insurance provider

Independent Insurance Professional

As an independent insurance professional, Domenick Financial has the ability to assess options from the top physician specific contracts. This means that you can consider the best possible coverage from multiple providers, rather than limiting yourself to one insurance company.
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Medical Professional Specialist

Domenick Financial specializes in covering medical professionals of all types and specialties. With years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, Domenick Financial will make sure you are taking advantage of all possible discounts, special dates, and other opportunities to acquire the best coverage for you
MD Preferred Insurance

MD Preferred Disability Insurance Provider

Domenick Insurance is an MD Preferred Preferred Services Provider. This means we are part a group of professionals who specialize in working with medical professionals. We collaborate with those professionals to provide client-centric advice and service.
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About Domenick Financial

At Domenick Financial Services, we specialize in providing wealth and income protection solutions for individuals and businesses.  Our focus is to work closely with clients and work in collaboration with other professionals to provide customized solutions for clients.

Domenick Financial Services is an independent insurance broker.  With no obligation to choose any one insurance company, we have the ability to source multiple options to find the right coverage for the client.  This is a fact that sets us apart from other types of insurance professionals.

Matthew Domenick is the president and founder of Domenick Financial Services.  Domenick Financial Services specializes in life insurance and disability insurance, long-term care insurance, and group, ancillary and supplemental benefits. The group’s focus is utilizing these types of insurance products as solutions to protect against the loss of income or other financial resources due to an unforeseen sickness, injury, or premature death.

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