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Disability insurance can protect yourself and your family against top threats to your ability to earn an income.

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Learn how disability insurance from Domenick Financial can protect you in case you are suddenly unable to work.

Why Choose Domenick Financial

Domenick Financial covers medical professionals and practices in a wide variety of industries and professions. Here is why you should choose us as your financial and insurance specialists.

Medical Professional Specialist

As a medical professional, you have unique financial and insurance needs. Domenick Financial specializes in covering medical professionals of all types and specialties. With years of experience and a wealth of industry knowledge, Domenick Financial is best suited to assist you in protecting your financial future.

True Own Occupation

Whatever specialty or profession you are in, we can help find the perfect coverage for you. We partner with over 95 providers, meaning Domenick Financial is uniquely suited to build your perfect financial and insurance solution.

MD Preferred Disability Insurance Provider

Domenick Insurance is an MD Preferred insurance provider, meaning that we are one of the leading medical professional insurance supplier in the state of Pennsylvania.
Disability insurance

Independent Insurance Professional

Domenick Financial has the ability to asses options from the top physician specific contracts. This means that you get the best possible coverage from multiple providers, rather than limiting yourself to one insurance company or group.

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Submit your information to easily compare your disability insurance costs. Each submission is confidential, and information is only shared to obtain an accurate insurance quote.